Creators of Great Wine since 1745

Vieux Château Certan is one of the oldest known growths in Pomerol. It was founded at the beginning of the 16th century when the Demay family arrived from Scotland to settle there.

It appeared on Belleyme’s 1785 map under the name of “Sertan”. In Pomerol, the Certan place-name was taken from the estate. 

 In 1858, Charles de Bousquet became the owner of Vieux Château Certan. The château buildings that we see today were built by him.

In 1924, Georges Thienpont, a Flemish wine merchant, purchased the property. This marked the beginning of the family’s presence in the Bordeaux region.  


«In 1924, my grandfather Georges Thienpont, purchased Vieux Château Certan.»

 Alexandre Thienpont