2003Data sheet

Everyone will remember 2003 for the heat-wave. Wine-growers will remember it as a year beating all records for the earliness of picking, the exceptional concentration of the grapes roasted by the sunshine and the extremely low volume of the harvest.

The grapes, picked between September 1 and 12, required constant attention from the wine-maker. This very untypical vintage takes due account of the exceptional quality of the Cabernet Francs which alongside the Merlots account for 80% of the final blend, a most unusual mix for Vieux Château Certan.

The Vieux Château Certan 2003, bottled after 18 months of ageing in new oak barrels, stands out by its powerful and complex texture, its extremely ripe tannins, the marked presence of the fruit and its superb aromatic finesse. This remarkable combination of qualities will continue to develop and come round in the coming months.

"This will be a great vintage for cellaring but is already a delicious companion for poultry, grilled or roast meat."


Alexandre Thienpont